This is a new brand on the European map of the agricultural and food industry machinery manufacturers.
Basing on many years of experience dating back to 2001, we offer you modern, high-efficiency machines for
cleaning and packaging of grain. Specialist, precise production takes place wholly in Poland, providing you
with access to modern and effective solutions in the field of cleaning and processing seeds of grains, leguminous and oil plants.


ASM separators are used to select healthy, high-quality seeds. They can work with any material
(grains, grasses, leguminous and oil plants), regardless of its moisture content.

ASM separators work with loose material of any type and humidity
in four modes:

–  drying,

–  preliminary cleaning,

–  proper cleaning,

– calibration (separation) according to the specific weight.

ASM high-efficiency separators (up to 100 t / h) and low energy consumption (up to 20 kW / h)
enable drying of the raw material with air, with a yield from 1.5% to 20% per cycle. At the same time,
they remove biological contaminants (fungi, bugs, beetles) and reduce the costs of further seed storage.




ASM separators sort seeds basing on specific weight. Our technology can be successfully used in:

– agriculture – when cleaning seed, it allows for selecting the most biologically valuable seeds, which translates into an increase in yields of up to 40%!

– storage – pre-cleaning mode allows to prepare grain for storage, and the drying function allows for reduction of seed moisture to ensure proper storage conditions.

– processing industry – numerous separator operation modes allow for effective cleaning of various types of raw material for the needs of mills, granaries (kaszarni), feed rooms (paszarni), oil mills, distilleries, breweries, food industry plants and others.

Cleans all kinds of seeds:
grains, grasses, leguminous and oil plants, etc.

Seed separation
based on specific weight

The moisture content of the raw material does not matter

Innovative, patented technology

The effectiveness of cleaning
is confirmed by research carried out by the Bialystok University of Technology

High performance

Segregation of seeds into 6 fractions

Low energy consumption
low operating costs.

Quick retooling
in the event of a raw material change (no sieves)

4 operating modes:
drying, pre-cleaning, proper cleaning, calibration (separation).

Effective use
in farms, grain collection points, processing plants

Extremely easy to use