How it’s working?

Grain contamination is a serious problem that has implications for crop quality and drying rates. This, in turn, is not without impact on the cost of the necessary processes. A standard grain elevator may prove to be insufficient in many cases. That is why professional companies invest in a modern solution, which is a grain cleaning machine. With its help, most of the problems can be avoided and at the same time the efficiency of drying and separation methods can be increased.


How do grain cleaners work?

The principle of the machines is to take advantage of the differences in aerodynamic properties, weight and density between the grain and solid contaminants. The machine uses air jets that divide the material into fractions based on its weight. The grain cleaner thus removes all minerals (e.g. sand, clods of earth, stones), pieces of glass and metal. In addition, it eliminates organic impurities such as straw, hulls, stalks, husks, weeds and even their seeds. Besides, the machines presented by us are able to separate infected material already in pre-treatment.


The grain cleaner - for a wide range of applications

The models in the assortment are mainly used in agriculture. They make it possible to select the most biologically valuable seeds through modern cleaning and separation methods. In this connection, they are also often used by the food processing industry. Mills, groats plants, feed mills, oil mills, distilleries and breweries are examples of places where professional grain cleaning is useful.

It is worth noting, however, that the drying function reduces grain moisture, which is of great importance for the safe and hygienic storage of materials. It is possible to achieve better parameters much faster than it is done by a classic grain cleaning aerator. Storing seeds therefore does not cause the slightest problem.


Seed separator for each raw material

ASM seed separators are used not only for cleaning and separating all kinds of grain, but also for other breeding materials. Rapeseed, maize, grass seed, as well as oilseeds and legumes can be cleaned. In addition, you do not have to worry about the degree of moisture in the material. The wet maize cleaning machine reduces moisture by separating green debris. This greatly simplifies the work and speeds up the proper preparation of raw materials.


Grain cleaner with separation into fractions

The work of the machine results in the separation of the processed material into five parts, or fractions. To each of them goes a specific type of grain or plants. The first fraction collects heavy impurities, e.g. stones and metal elements, which could accidentally hit the breeding area. The grain cleaner stores the best-grown grain in the second and third fractions. The fourth fraction is where the fine grains go, along with the halves. The last fraction is the place for light impurities. The cyclone separates dust and dirt.

The separator for rapeseed and other crops is fully configurable. This means that you can easily adjust the quality or quantity of material that goes into the various fractions. Nothing prevents you from combining the parts together. For example, waste from fractions I and V can land in the same place, as can good material from fractions II-IV.


Multifunctional rapeseed cleaner

Configuring the operation according to your needs is the main advantage of ASM machines. Three functions can be set up. The first, a high-capacity pre-cleaner, is a mode that successfully replaces the pre-cleaner. As a result, considerable savings can be made. Pre-cleaning rapeseed, grain or maize consists of removing the outermost fractions and splitting the raw material before storing.

The second option is a medium capacity fine cleaning. In this stage, the material from fractions II-IV after pre-cleaning is used. In addition, a separation (calibration) mode with low throughput is also available. The ASM aerodynamic seed separator separates any material with a specific density with an accuracy of +/- 3%. This makes it ideal for seed production or packaging.


Patented technology for maize cleaning machines

Our company focuses on innovations. That is why we base our solutions on original ideas and implement cleaning methods that are based on the latest global trends. Our customers therefore receive a patented corn cleaning machine. This gives you a guarantee of gaining a significant advantage over other entities competing in the market.

The method of separation was published under the number WO2016195615, in the patent application PCT/UA2016/000030. This gives us patent protection in the United States and China (in the future also within the European Union) and our customers the certainty that they will not get an imperfect counterfeit from a dishonest supplier. Our grain cleaners are also unique because of their industrial design. So you can recognise them at a glance.


Advantages of pre-cleaning in a grain separator

The grain separator with pre-cleaning function allows you to select the best material for sowing. But that is not all. It is still able to select grain with a similar germination energy level. In practice, seed cleaning results in an even ripening of the grain at harvest time. In this way, an effect of approximately 92% uniform maturity can be achieved, which results in an increase in yield of approximately 12%. In addition, the grain cleaner prevents the natural contamination of the field with spilled grain. The seed is preserved in an unchanged state. It does not need additional segregation or drying, which speeds up the production process.


Financial benefits of the grain cleaning plant

The profitability of our solutions is easy to calculate. The corn cleaning machine brings a saving of 36,40 PLN/t through the pre-processing. This is related to the reduction of moisture (from 4 to 6%) and increase of green waste. Grain separator will help to reduce expenses by about 36400 PLN for each 1000 tons of raw material.


Grain cleaners - models in our offer

The offer consists of 4 types of devices. Each of them is characterized by different effectiveness, dimensions and power. What is more, the grain separator depending on the model can work with the efficiency from 5 to 150 tons per hour. This allows our customers to precisely adjust the machine to the requirements of their production line. For example, our largest grain cleaner, the ASM-1001, with a weight of 3600 kg and 31.96 kW of power, can be used where very high throughput is important. It reduces moisture at a rate of up to 170 t/h. Pre-cleaning and cleaning are respectively 150 and 115 t/h.

For smaller businesses we recommend the ASM-101 model. This grain separator has a power output of 9.74 kW and a weight of only 519 kg. This makes it possible to treat up to 20 (primary) and 10 (secondary) tons per hour.


Production methods and quality tests for grain cleaners

For the creation of our products we only use proven solutions, which ensure high precision of manufacture and reliability of operation. Among them is the CNC technology. Thanks to this we guarantee exceptional durability of the machines.

We are constantly developing devices and testing them from every possible angle. In order to confirm their high quality we use the help of independent specialists who work in public and private research institutions (such as the Institute of Innovation and Technology of the Bialystok University of Technology and the R&D Centre Inventor in Lublin). This means that grain cleaners are thoroughly researched and their designs leave no gaps that could negatively impact performance.


Quick return on investment for your wet corn cleaning machine

We exercise control over every stage of our products. That's why we can offer an attractive price for grain cleaning machines. And this has an impact on the financial issues related to operation. According to estimates, using a grain cleaner for cleaning before the drying process, selection before sale and for seed production for your own use, you can expect a return on your investment after about one year from the time of purchase. In this respect, our rapeseed cleaner is unbeatable.


Grain cleaning machines for customers from all over the country

We cooperate with significant Europian companies operating in the field of agricultural technology. So we are able to deliver the seed separator to any place in the country. Companies from the north and south, from the west and east of Poland have already had the opportunity to use our services. In this respect we have no limitations. We cover Lubelskie or Mazowieckie voivodship. Equally quickly we will make our solutions available in regions such as Pomerania and Podlasie. National coverage is possible due to the fact that the main offices of ASM TECHNOLOGY Sp. z o.o. are located in different parts of the country. As a result, Greater Poland, Lesser Poland and all other regions of Poland can benefit from our services.


Assistance in the selection of a seed separator

Our offer stands out due to its versatility. Individual models differ not only in parameters and performance, but also in equipment. Thanks to this they will prove themselves even where special technological advancement is required. Cleaning peas, rape, maize and grain has never been easier.

When you contact our representatives by phone or e-mail, we will advise you on the best choice for you. It will be strictly tailored to your needs. We encourage you to ask us questions about grain cleaning separators.