Aerodynamic separator ASM-300

Delivered to the Katarzyna Kucharewicz Agricultural Holding (Podlaskie Voivodeship)

Completion date – August 2019.



As of July 2019, we have been using the ASM-300 aerodynamic separator on our farm. It is a universal device. We successfully use it for both pre-cleaning and seed preparation. High efficiency allows for efficient processing of raw material during harvest time. The separator works great with any type of grain.

The advantage of ASM company is undoubtedly making the equipment available for tests before finalizing the purchase. This allows for real verification of both quality and cleaning performance. What is more, during the testing period ASM Technology provided the assistance of its specialists in terms of connecting and commissioning the separator, as well as training the operators.


The ASM Technology aerodynamic separator on our farm performed very well. It works according to specifications in both performance and cleaning accuracy. In my opinion, it is a device worth recommending.