ASM TECHNOLOGY Sp. z o.o. is implementing the project in accordance with Grant Agreement No. GRANT3/10 concluded on 5 March 2024. The grant is provided from the funds of the European Funds for Podlaskie for the years 2021-2027, under the project ‘Grants for research’. The aim of the project is to carry out a research service in the field of determining the necessary technical solutions for a grain separator made on the basis of patent application PCT/UA2016/000030, publication number WO2016195615, allowing the achievement of actual cleaning capacity of at least 15 tonnes per hour, equipped with automation allowing full remote control of the device’s operation and enabling communication with other devices in the technological line.

The value of the project is PLN 187,260.00.

The value of eligible costs is PLN 152,000.00.

The value of co-financing from European Funds is PLN 129,200.00.